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10148 - Torino, ITALY
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P.IVA: 00773630017

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Eltra Motorways

Designs and produces motorized dispensers and validators for motorways applications as well as full cabinets for toll collection systems:

Automatic ticket issuing machine (ATIM – entry lane):
EL5000/6000 Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM) EL200/400 Automatic Ticket Issuing Machine (ATIM) ELB Desktop Box Series

Automatic ticket paying machine (ATPM – exit lane)
EL2000 Reader/Encoder Module EL3000 Toll Payment Machine (TPM) EL7000 Reader/Encoder with ticket destroyed module EL8000 Reader/Encoder with ticket parking module EL500/600 Automatic Toll Payment Machine (ATPM) ELB Desktop Box Series


Poster Poster Motorways RFID / Magnetic System Poster Motorways Automatic ticket issuing machine

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